Nederlanders op Curaçao starten petitie tegen geluidsoverlast

Landhuis Brakkeput Mei Mei op Curaçao Foto: Facebook

The Dutch on Curaçao are the noise nuisance in residential areas on the island. By letter they call local residents to sign a request to minimize noise pollution. This is not a good thing for the local population, resulting in a counteraction with a petition.


A few days after the annual Christmas party Noche Buena, a complaint about noise pollution was filed by one of the members in the Facebook group ‘DurftevragenCuraçao’. Noche Buena was held on December 25, 2017 in Landhuis Brakkeput Mei Mei. This country house is located in the residential area Brakkeput Abou (Adelisia resort).

The member wrote on December 27, 2017: “Am I the only one who bothered that this party should last until 8 am and at the volume level of the music coming from the loudspeakers? Can we as residents present some form of protest here? and if so, to which authority? ” 

She was applauded by a number of Dutch residents living in Curaçao, but the complaint was in the wrong with many locals and led to a heated discussion. Especially the music is a tradition and belongs to the Curaçao cosiness.


Na de klacht volgde op 19 januari 2017 een aansluitende brief met het verzoek, gericht aan de bewoners van Brakkeput Abou. In de brief, die in de buurt verspreid werd, wordt de geluidsoverlast van Landhuis Brakkeput Mei Mei en de Zeilclub Asiento aangekaart.

“Daar beiden ruim van te voren de vergunningen aanvragen zodat er geen speld tussen te krijgen is, was ons idee om dit zo vroeg mogelijk in het jaar proberen tegen te gaan. Het is zeker niet de bedoeling om welke nering hoe dan ook te stoppen, maar om 00.00 uur wordt de wereld stil en kunnen de knoppen een standje lager. Ons idee is om handtekeningen te verzamelen van de belanghebbenden, om zodoende in ieder geval de geluidsoverlast te minimaliseren.”

Many Curaçaoans reacted provoked and even furious at the letter. Similarly Carmela Monastery. “So people are tired of it now … If we take noise nuisance as a standard, as happens in the Netherlands, for example, that means that there are no more places left.” How should a club survive if the party only ends at midnight or 1 a.m. May we continue? We only start to party at 11.00 pm “ , the Antillean tells DAGonline.

From whom the letter originates and who has distributed it is unclear. DAGonline has tried to get a reaction from one of the initiators, but this did not work out.


The parties, for which licenses have been issued, have been organized at the same location for years.  “Once there are places in residential areas where there are occasions or courtis where parties are given, the inconvenience has never been a problem on Curaçao, but unfortunately a group now faces a problem.”

In addition, Monastery states that it is unfortunately not the first time. “Hofi Biesheuvel has been closed for noise, Club Santa Rosa, the carnival party Jump-up has now become Jump-in, also because of complaining about noise pollution , and our Antillean music is not played at Mambo or Zanzibar. tourists, not the local people, so we have to cherish and keep our cultural celebrations . “

Furthermore, the letter states that there is wrong parked on party evenings, there is peed against fences and walls and driveways are broken. The letter writer writes that the Antillean government must be stricter when issuing permits and must work on a solution.


Klooster drew the conclusion that each other online insult did not make sense. That is why she herself wrote a letter as a counteraction and this was posted on social media on 20 January 2017. Much to her surprise, her letter was shared more than 500 times on Facebook and she received much acclaim from the Antillean community. Today she made her petition online  under the name ‘Stop complaining about noise pollution in Curaçao’.

“We in the Antilles do not worry about noise, we are of life and let live, do not worry, do not worry, be happy, literally,” says Klooster .

Below the letter from Carmela Klooster.

It is not the first time that residents living in Curaçao have started a petition against noise nuisance in Brakkeput Abao. Also in April 2016 an attempt was made, but it did not work out.