Wie was Esha en waarom maakte zij een einde aan haar leven?

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On Sunday morning, March 18, 2018, around 7:30 am, the 30-year-old Esha put an end to her life by drinking a quantity of the poisonous agricultural poison Gramoxone. Her stepmother, with whom she lived together, was still sleeping at that moment. Not much later the gardener found her unconscious on the porch.


Esha was rushed to the Academic Hospital Paramaribo (AZP). There her stomach was pumped empty and she was actually approachable. For a moment there was hope that she would save it, but the doctors quickly took away that hope. Esha would not save it. The poison was already too deep in her body. That night Esha blew her last breath in the hospital bed.

DAGonline spoke with a source near Esha. This source wants to remain anonymous for privacy reasons. We will call her ‘Janine’ in this article. The reason that Janine gives openness and tells her story is to prevent and prevent these situations in families and families in the future.

What went before

A few months ago, Esha recorded a video. The video shows how Esha keeps a knife on her throat and threatens to put herself into words and actions. The video seems destined for a (seemingly unanswered) love in Esha’s life. The video was put online on Facebook last weekend by an unknown person and then shared many thousands of times. Many negative reactions were also posted. “Kierie ie srefi no djuk a sani” , was just one of the many comments under the video.


“Esha read all the comments and it has made her crazy, the person who posted this will carry this on his conscience,” says Janine, who thinks that everyone who has shared the video is partly guilty of the death of Esha. “If you do not know someone’s real state of mind, you should never joke about this.” There is a deathly silence with her. “Now we do not hear and read anything in the media, we are in dark days now, who helps us with the painful loss of Esha?”

Who was Esha?

Janine describes Esha as a nice person. “She was very positive and helpful, a real go-getter, she liked to help people, loved socializing and dancing.” She says that her surroundings also called her ‘sisa’, a kind of pet name.


The parents of Esha split when she was 7 years old. “She has had to deal with the separated family from the start,” says Janine. Esha went to live with her grandmother after the divorce, who largely educated her. However, the house was filled with time there and Esha was forced to seek another accommodation. She then retired, at the age of 25, to her stepmother, where she still lived to short-term.

Esha worked as a sales employee in a supermarket for three years, but stopped for reasons unknown to Janine. Janine says that Esha’s stepmother Esha was very good at catching up and taking care of. “Compliments for stepmother.”

Esha has one sister, one step sister and one step brother.

Esha’s father was a market vendor and died five years ago. Her mother, with whom she had contact from time to time, is still alive.

Psychological complaints

Janine thinks that the psychological complaints originate from the separation of the parents of Esha. It seems to have been an accumulation of problems that Esha must have decided to put an end to her young life. Even after recording the video, Esha did not get professional help, although this was necessary. She did have family members and girlfriends, but whether they once raised or recommended this to Esha is unclear. Janine says she has had conversations with Esha about her circumstances, but Esha did not tell her everything. It is certain that sharing and responding to Esha’s video last weekend has been of great influence on her state of mind and actions.

Janine gives the message to you never to walk around too long with your problems. “Communicate, but do not share your problems with everyone,” she concludes.

Rest softly, Esha Tika .